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Welcome to AMPS College Advising Connection. 


Here you will find the tools and information necessary to assist both students and parents in the application process.  As students approach their senior year, it is imperative that parents and students understand the responsibility and importance of researching colleges to find the right fit for the student, understanding the financial aid process and the search for scholarships, and ensuring they take advantage of all the assistance and information available to them.


This advising connection will give parents and students easily accessible information and the necessary resources to make this process and transition into college easier.


Current OCHS Junior and Seniors CLICK HERE for more resources. 

Oakland Charter High School CEEB Code: 054303

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*Note to students and parents*
Volunteering opportunities arise throughout the year at OCHS.  It is imperative that students understand that deciding to volunteer involves a commitment to the program to which they are applying.  Students are strongly encouraged to research their chosen organization and what the volunteering position entails to ensure they are willing and able to commit to the program in its entirety.  Beginning to volunteer then backing out at the last minute reflects poorly upon the student and OCHS as a source of volunteers for these organizations.  

That being said volunteering is an exceptional way for students to develop their communication skills and further their knowledge in particular areas.  This process also demonstrates the student's willingness and ability to make a difference outside of the classroom for their community and personal growth.  Colleges look at volunteering experience as a window into who the student is as a person, as well as their ability to lead and give back to those less fortunate.  To compete for leading universities and colleges, students are highly encouraged to volunteer.

OASES Tutoring Center - This past year seniors tutored elementary aged students at Cleveland Elementary School in Oakland, Ca.

Hong Fook Adult Day Health Center - Students assist the elderly in daily programs at the Hong Fook Centers.

Oakland's Children Hospital - A variety of volunteering opportunities for students.

Oakland Zoo - Most volunteering opportunities are 18 and up.

Financial Aid

College Board's Fund Finder

Black Excel:  The College Help Network - A scholarship service for African-Americans. 

Scholarship Scam Page - Federal Trade Commission info about scholarship scams.

The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid - FinAid's financial aid page.

Scholarship Experts - Free scholarship search site with an up-to-date award database of over 2.4 million scholarships worth over $14 billion.

The FAFSA Express - Download a free financial aid application.

Financial Aid Guide - U.S. Dept. of Education resources on financial aid. 

College Scholarships and Financial Aid Page - Easy access to information on colleges, scholarships and SAT and ACT test preparation.

CSS Profile On-Line - The CSS Profile is the form many private colleges and universities require, in addition to the FAFSA, for those applying for financial aid.

Sallie Mae Financial Aid Information - Sallie Mae is a multi-purpose lending service which helps students in every aspect of applying for a securing loans. The CASHE scholarship search can be accessed through this site.

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