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Richmond Charter Academy

The RCA Bulletin Board



Home of the Titans!

Richmond Charter Academy, affectionately called “RCA” by students and faculty, is located in Richmond, Ca. RCA opened its doors in June 2012, and currently serves approximately 230 students from grades 6th through 8th.


Our focus at RCA is to lay down the foundational work of excellence by upholding the time-honored tradition of hard work.


At RCA, we honor hard work, and truly believe in the content of this expression. We hold this statement as a creed, and as a promise. When our students believe in the promise of honor hard work, they will reap the fruit of that labor for the rest of their lives. To help accomplish our lofty vision and goals, our school provides an after school program - open to all students - which includes tutoring, music, creative writing, arts, gardening, woodshop, computers, and study hall.


We have two full-time tutors who work with the students inside and outside of the classroom. We also hold a language program for students who are struggling with English. We also offer an accelerated math class for the 7th grade, and algebra for the 8th grade.


RCA Achieves

It is our belief that with grit, perseverance, and hard work, students—including under-served, under-privileged students—can achieve academic distinction in the classroom and moral distinction in their personal life when they commit to the core tenets of Richmond Charter Academy.

Ever since our inaugural year, RCA has scored the highest in our city in every standardized test we’ve participated in. In the 2012-2013, our school earned an API of 810. In 2013-2014, our school was 66% proficient and advanced in CAASP.


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Contact Us:

RCA 6th Grade:

1450 Marina Way South

Richmond, CA 94804

Phone 510-235-2465

Fax 510-235-2469 


RCA 7th and 8th grade:

230 Harbour Way South

Richmond, CA 94804

Phone 510-235-2439

Fax 510-235-2487



Weekly Schedule:


6th -8th:  8:00 AM-3:00 PM


6th -8th:  8:00 AM-12:40 PM



Meet Richmond Charter Academy


Mr. Clinton- Site Director

Ms. Sanchez- Dean of Instruction

Mr. Beaudoin- Dean of Students 

Mr. Bradley - ASES Coordinator