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The AMPS History

Amethod Public Schools (formerly Oakland Charter Academy Inc.) operates the oldest charter school in Oakland (Jingletown Charter). The Amethod Public School system is a nonprofit corporation originally founded in 1993 designed to produce the academic advancement of disenfranchised middle school and high school aged youth from East Oakland, CA.

After a tumultuous beginning Oakland Charter Academy (OCA) underwent a reorganization and recommitment phase in 2004. Since then the school became a nationally recognized No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School, only the second public middle school in the history of Oakland Unified School District to receive such a distinction.

From the unassuming corner of 30th Ave. and International Blvd. in the heart of the Fruitvale District - the largest Oakland Latino community, OCA has established itself as an academic powerhouse becoming one of the highest performing school systems in the State of California.
The school’s California State Test scores has gained over 290 points through the past five years and currently has a 939 Academic Performance Index (API) score. Amethod at Oakland Charter Academy middle school continues to serve students from the Fruitvale, Jnigletown, and San Antonio and many other districts in the nearby East Oakland community.
In 2007, Oakland Charter Academy established a high school in pursuit of a feeder track to guide students all the way through the college application process.
Since its inception in 2007, Amethod at Oakland Charter High School has had tremendous success surpassing even the merits of the Oakland Charter Academy middle school campus. Currently, Oakland Charter High School is among the highest performing high school in California among all public charter and traditional schools.
In 2011, the Middle School expanded and established what is now known as Downtown Charter Academy in Oakland, CA.
In 2012, Richmond Charter Middle was established to serve grades 6-8 in Richmond, CA. 
In 2014, Benito Juarez Elementary was established to serve grades 6-8 in Richmond, CA.