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Oakland Charter High School

Home of the Matadors!

Oakland Charter High School’s goal is to provide a sound academic program that will foster essential skills and work ethic to all students. We expect that the learned skills, ethic, and knowledge gained at OCHS will be carried over to post high school life. Considering the unemployment rate for people whom lack a degree or specified training, and the dropout rate correlated to the incarceration rates for minority and low income groups; the stakes are high!


Oakland Charter High School is a college preparatory campus and reinforces the importance for a college preparatory education that is grounded in the fundamentals of education and work ethic. 


College Bound: We will provide a college preparatory curricular model and atmosphere for ALL students. We believe that college is the surest path out of poverty and violence for inner city youth, therefore our goal is to prepare students for the rigors of college that will assuredly prep students for any post high school program that they seek. Our goal is college ready first!

WASC Accredited 2013

Contact Us:

Oakland Charter High School

345 12th Street

Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: 510-893-8700

Fax: 510-893-8705

OCHS Shoong Campus

321 10th Street

Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: 510-645-1006

Phone: 510-645-1022

Fax: 510-645-1023