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John Henry High School



On January 19th 2017, the Richmond City Planning Commission approved the Conditional Use Permit to finish construction on the new location for our high school. This means we are on target to open our new campus for the 2017-2018 school year along the beautiful Marina Bay!

A heartfelt thank you to our parents, students, staff, and community members for supporting us at the meeting last night. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing this campus filled with our JHHS students!

Home of the Wild Cats!

John Henry High School provides a rigorous academic program to all students who wish to attend. 


We believe that a college education is the pathway to success and opportunity. The JHHS program blends rigorous academics with an extensive focus on character development, at all grades, to prepare students for the demands of college, the workforce, and of life.


John Henry High School, established in 2015, is a free and public charter high school that believes in the promise of education for hard working students from diverse perspectives, socio economic status, and backgrounds, by providing a strong academic skill set in Mathematics and English Literature. 


By 2018, JHHS will serve 500 inner-city students in the 9th through 12th grades. JHHS will provide a rigorous academic program to all students who wish to attend, while specifically outreaching out to families that live in low-income areas, survive below the federal poverty line, or whose parents have never attended college. 


We provide an education that will not simply get students to college, but allow them to be successful once they get there. 

The JHHS model for success

John Henry High School will graduate young adults that are life-long learners and prepared for college.


To ensure our students are responsible and analytical thinkers…


We design smaller schools.

We have a smaller student body than most high schools, and our classes have no more than 34 students.


We teach a college preparatory curriculum. 

Our demanding college prep education aligns to the University of California A—G requirements for all students. We have strong support programs in place to enable all students to master this challenging curriculum.


We empower teachers.

Teachers are empowered to impact curriculum and school culture and JHHS provides consistent professional development and feedback along the way.


We treat students as leaders.

Students are held responsible for their school and help build school identity and culture.


We focus on results.

We use data to make decisions and hold both students and teachers accountable.

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Contact Us:

John Henry High School 

230 Harbour Way South

Richmond, CA 94804


Phone 510-235-2439

Fax 510-235-2487


Weekly Schedule:


9th-11th:  8:00 AM-3:30 PM


9th-11th: 8:00 AM-12:45 PM



Meet John Henry High School 



Mr. Clinton - Site Director

Ms. Sanchez - Dean of Instruction

Mr. Beaudoin - Dean of Students